If you're looking for a simple solution for interfacing your PC desktop or office network with the GSM SMS network then the Easisms is your ideal choice.

The Easisms is sold with free copies of PC software allowing the user to build their own SMS database.

Installation of the Easisms is simple, a menu-driven intuitive user interface allows easy setup configuration. The configuration information is stored in non-volatile memory and can be password protected.


  • Intel 80C188 processor
  • Intel Flash (field programmable firmware)
  • Intel EtherExpress Ethernet MAC
  • FIFO Buffered 32 byte serial port
  • GSM900.DCS1800 dual band capability
  • Type approval GSM ETSI phase 1 and 2 compliant
  • Internal SIM card holder


  • Single install program installs Windows based user interface and database.
  • Internal database 4 GB capacity.
  • Phone book features; configuration of recipient groups and sends ad-hoc or standard messages, received SMS retrieval and storage to database, report printing on all elements of the database.


  • Comprehensive user manual describing all the Easisms interface protocol for software application engineers


  • VGA Monitor and keyboard interface for Easisms setup
  • SMS traffic monitor output to Printer or Video console
  • Uniterm embedded TCP/IP stack for LAN operation
  • RS232 DTE interface with internal 4K ring buffer for serial operation
  • Three receive modes:
    • store on SIM
    • store to 32K buffer
    • TCP/IP forwarding network daemon
  • Voice call forwarding
Uniterm Design & Manufacture